Missions 'Help with my Research?' - Pryavlon usage discrepancy

Missions from Jabboria in Rockhaven

I provided the exact required quantities of refined resouces to my 2nd and 3rd characters (all 3 doing the missions simultaneously).
After reporting the mission for the second Melar Relay, I found while stocking them for the next mission crafting (Melar Robotic Repair) that both had 30 Pryavlon leftover; so the crafting used 30 less than shown as required.

Hi there @Fafhred,

Took the time this morning to re ‘run’ this mission chain from start to end myself, as I was concerned about any notion that there might be an issue in the build system.

The actual schematics are held in a database table and what you see as ‘requested / required’ resources are directly drawn the from the database reference for that schematic.

I first looked at the actual schematics to ensure the boxes were all correctly filled and then took note of my starting stocks.

I then ran though each stage of the build noting the required amounts and the amounts taken at each stage.

At no stage of the build process did I end with more or less resources than I should have and this followed though to the last build. I manually ran and crafted each stage to ensure conformity with anything that might have got in the way or caused an issue.

So all I can put it down to, is an issue with the amounts you had notated down to give to your toons or a typo when transferring the amount over to them.


Well, I don’t know what to say, I have no way to check it again until I make a 4th character at some point in the future.
Probably your last suggestion, but the way I set it up with everything copied on a notepad file and checking everything with it, I see only 1 way I could have done that mistake.
The only possibility would be that I misread the number from list in the crafting requirements, at the time I copied that list to file.

Sorry about this if it was the case.