More icons near resource name


  1. Some resources have nice icons in Storage (red cogwheel for refined, blue cogwheel for extracted). Can we have similar for salvage resources? would be nice if mined resources would have icon too. I’d like all resources have an icon. That would help a little now, and greatly when we get as much resources as CE have :slight_smile:

  2. When I see schematics I bought (in crafting facility), when I hover mouse over resource I see name and amount. I’d like to see also kind of resource (mining/refined/salavge etc), or icon at least (see above).

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I like the idea of being able to identify the resources by type. To follow that through to the next level, (and I’m sure a lot more programming), it would be nice to be able to toggle them on and off, so that I could select only the mining resources to be display, or only the salvaged goods.

I see no reason why the icons cannot be extended, makes sense.

There are no plans to extend the resource lists anywhere near that level :wink:

I will have a look at it, see how feasible it will be as there is limited space in that interface.