My First impressions. Skills

Having played a lot of Core-Exiles, and no Eve online, I tried PT. It’s my Second Day here. My first impressions:

Where are mechs? Can we have Mechs? Let’s make Mech Week CE vs PT, players from both games would put mechs on one arena!!! lol, now real ideas :slight_smile:

I’m quite New to skill system like we have here. So maybe it is me, but I was quite confused at start, and even now :(. I’ve chosen miner profession, after initial mission (or two) I wanted to haul cargo, and I saw “Certification required”. But no info which Cert, and where to buy it. Maybe write somewhere in office exact name of certificate required, and selling shop name? (just checked, text in “?” in Janitor store mention “you need their cert”, but Dumont not.

Certificates in items description also miss store required. It is no big deal if you have three stores now, but if you make few more it would be nightmare for starters. Also, can we have all Cert tree displayed in item “?” If Item have “Skill Requiremnt” “Ice Mining:1”, I’d like to see below all Skills pre-required, in this example: “Civilian Mining:8” and “Industrial Mining:5”.

Also, in Crafting Database, I miss information about What resources are required to craft given item, What Certs are required to make it, and where to get schemes. I suggest you make second “?”, with information for crafters.

I think that current form of crafting database is bad. I’d like to see something more like CE CEDB. Table with name of item, Key stats, etc. Here level is not important (Am I wrong?), so maybe number of certs required for it (including pre-certs), or total time required for learning certs. Here comparison of different items is a pain.

It would be nice to have “Favourite” skills or, better, “Needed”. I want to mark few skills I want to train first, maybe add one line of description why I need and how much (now I’d add here “Civilian Mining” with “need lvl 7 for Laser” description, “Dumont” with “max for income”, and one I need but I just forgot for mining Scanner :).

Thoughts about mining and PT finder are written in different posts

It’s all from me for now, time to mine something :slight_smile: