New category: players services requests/offers

To deal with what cannot be covered with current G.E.I. , G.B.M. , and C.R.L. features
Examples (just those coming off the top of my head, there are probably more):

  • slots available for crafting on demand of up to N of a given item (C.R.L. does not fit to this)
  • refining on demand (player A get the raw ores, looks for a player with highest skill level to refine them for a fee); might need some sort of escrow feature.
  • player looking for a given resource and failed to obtain it from G.E.I. + G.B.M. , looking to hire a miner to get them for him/her.
  • miner looking for contract work (counterpart from previous one).

Sounds like a logical and reasonable request.

I have created a new category called Trade Hub so feel free to post requests or services in there.

Thanks, I will already use it myself in a few minutes :slight_smile: