New Map/SubMap System

I like where you are going with this…slows down the game for us veterans but new players will have nothing to compare it to…plus, i kinda have an idea where you may be going with combat

One suggestion I have (or may want to think about especially when combat is initiated) is the addition of arrow keys or the usage of them on a PC for one-step/one-square navigation…If you were ever familiar with the old space-combat game TDZK (R.I.P.), you can implement a lot of similar hunt/kill ideas such as transponder fixes to see what is in the system/where (especially if the object/target is continually moving - TDZK did this by using a transponder “timer” within a certain range to let you know how close it was to you within a given timeframe), Skill-Up for various scanners (combat or otherwise), and some other Rexx original ideas like “in-flight” torpedo and missile systems

Also, can you color code the mini-map to differentiate planets, stations, asteroids, and other objects? Bonus if you can further highlight a target freight delivery mission or asteroid mission on the mini-map (it is kind of a pain-in-da-butt to hunt all over the large map for the intended mission destination :smiley: )

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i agree with the mighty rexx…i’ve not logged in for a few weeks and if it’s for combat then it’s all good…my only issue with the game is still the jump loading screen…i tend to drift off into other windows and forget about it…my fault really…so, up the bonus for mining and the loot :smiley: and can i claim compensation for seeing rexx without his pants on…At least in CE he’s got his trunks on! :smiley:
nice one all - keep up the space ace!