New Search Option

Create a new search option titled ‘Search the Maintenance Tunnels’. This search is a specific search
for robotic parts. The search would have no limit but instead would use strength points to do the search.
Once a robotic part was discovered(random but rare) you would then use nerve points to see if you could
actually steal it(again random). If you are successful then the robotic part goes into your inventory. Your goal
is to make a complete robot by assembling a number of parts (8, 10, 12 parts) or by gathering 2 each of part
A, B, C, D, E. Once completed you can trade it to the ‘Shady-Looking Stranger’ for a droid or cash ($2500?).
This is a way to keep people here in the game and playing. I hope other people like it.

I am not a coder and have no idea how much work this would involve. If it is prohibitive I am sorry.

I don’t dislike the idea, but let’s see what others have to say before I chime in properly :wink:

This could be something done only on 1 planet, perhaps. Right now, the only real reason I have found so far to travel has been to get better weapons/armor/ships. Having some activities specific to certain planets would give us a good reason to buy ships at lower levels and travel back to other locations. Right now I’m not sure there is a reason to travel back to Starbase 51 except that more players are there to fight/break out of jail. Finding ship parts at the shipyard, robot parts at Starbase 51, and so on, would make us travel regularly- I’d definitely buy a ship asap if I knew I was going to do more traveling.

I assume the payout and xp for ship based crime is much better than non ship based.
The robotic parts could easily be planet specific and only that planet ones would work together.

Yeah, but it says if you are caught your ship is impounded and scrapped. That’s a lot of dough on an item that could be lost on an unsuccessful crime. Perhaps looking for ship parts could be some sort of hedge against that. Your idea for robot parts that only work with ones from the same planet might work, or maybe the parts come from different planets, motivating players to travel and collect them?