New system map - improvement suggestion

Just found it this morning, I like it so far.
I would also suggest to give a different color code to asteroid fields, maybe a gray or dark brown.
And another again for fuel depots.

Some additional colors would help to make each system look different in the mini-map. I find myself struggling to recognize where I am.

Distinguishing asteroids would help the most, and perhaps red for planets, purple for starbases, and green for fuel depots would help to make each system more unique.

Personally, I think the new navigation screen (this is what we are talking about, is it?) has lost quite some clearness. I would suggest to add the hover-bubbles from the grid to the minimap as well. I agree with what was mentioned previously: colours would be really nice.

hated maps at first. got used to them now. slows it down and doesnt really add anything useful but its ok. I liked being able to see all locations in system ‘on a page’ but scrolling round is ok, just slow

We all need to bare in mind that the Navigation system was changed for a very good reason that will become apparent when we deploy Combat to the game. For now we wanted to give you all the opportunity to get used to the new system.

That way it wasn’t a great shock all at once :smile: I’m sure that over time there will be a few tweaks here and there, so constructive suggestions are more than welcome as always.


Some color coding is really necessary, I have been going through some maps recently with large numbers of red dots… anything with 4 or 5 stations mixed with same or higher number of asteroid fields is pretty unfriendly looking as it is.

I see the color codes just got added, thanks, maps are a lot more readable now :slight_smile:

I like it a lot, feels much more alive. (Though the colour-coding has made a big difference, well done devs getting that added so quick.)

But if you don’t see the point of the new setup, that’s because it isn’t there yet. As a dev posted in another thread, the reason for changing it was to be suitable for combat; can’t really expect it to “add anything useful” until .
Prev’s just told me in chat that the intention is for other players’ ships to be visible in the system map, so we’ll have a better idea of what the real point of the new design is when they’ve got that working.

(Was trying to post this the day before yesterday but it doesn’t seem to have!)

Umm, no I didn’t !

I said that we are working on something to display other players, made no mention of the map at all.