NPC tracker/Commodity tracker

Would there be a way to include a clipboard or something in the sidebar menu so that we don’t have to write down every resource being offered by every system we’ve passed? same with NPCs we’ve met but have not/cannot yet take missions from? I think it would be handy for a lot of players; I play regularly on my iphone and can’t bring a binder to work, for example. Would it be that much harder than the active mission tracker? Maybe include a ‘meet’ button for the NPC so you actually have to seek him/her/it/they out. Same for the planetary commodity markets. Since the markets are so volatile, maybe there wouldn’t be a list of amounts available? Even tie this in to one or more skills, so you have to be well-trained enough to make use of the info, maybe?

I actually copy/pasted all the data into a spreadsheet was fast and easy to do

If you have an iphone I would recommend Evernote.

Sign up for a free account, install the app on your phone (and your tablet, and your pc) and you have note nirvana right there in your pocket :wink:

(No, I am not affiliated in any way, but have been using it for years on a free account with great success)