Observation on Rhymer RP2 Repair Laser

Today I was trying out a Rhymer RP2 Repair Laser for the first time. Here are a few observations:

  1. The repair laser did not repair the Shields
    You repaired Batalanto restoring 0 structural points
    Given the “structural” points, I suppose this is by design. Still, this fact makes it less useful in combat.

  2. The repair laser could repair armour damage. BUT while repairing, one did not receive any XP points.
    e.g. You repaired Batalanto restoring 13 structural points
    Then I would expect to get 13 XP (or a multiple of 13xp). I consider this a bug.

  3. The repair laser can only be targeted at other players. One can’t target oneself. So the toon that mounts the repair laser can’t repair himself.
    Possibly by design, but could be nice extension to foresee it.

This is correct. The repair lasers only repair “structural” damage, so hull and armour. The shield is an energy field that regenerates itself.

Hmm, I will investigate this one…

Again, correct and as designed. There are specials that can be fitted to repair your own armour and hull.