Phoenix Insurance Bureau - Primer

Today sees the release of the Phoenix Insurance Bureau.

This allows you to purchase insurance on your ship chassis, so that if the worst happens, you get some cash back.

There are 4 levels of insurance available, and these will pay you 25% / 50% / 75% / 100% of the chassis book value.

If you change your chassis while you have a policy active, that policy will be terminated.

Everything is explained in the insurance office. Go have a look, and let us know if you run into any issues.

You will find the first office has opened in Xantana on Fendris Dock


In real world insurance, for instance in a car, in case you change vehicle you get a new insuarnce for the new vehicle AND you get refunded prorata the time left from the previous vehicle insurance.
Here this feels like a rip-off, no real insurance company would survive on those terms.

Insurance is there as a fallback.

It is the captains choice whether to invest in the insurance or not (much the same it seems these days in the ‘real world’).

Early days, with early ship chassis, most will not bother to invest, but once combat arrives, and you are floating round in a ship that cost 1 billion ++, you are extremely unlikely to be swapping chassis regularly, so that particular clause is irrelevant. Besides, how many times have you needed to get a refund on an insurance policy? Generally they wrap you up in so many administration and termination fees that you might expect a 40% refund, but get more like 5% :wink:

Oh, plus this is not the real world, it is set hundreds of years in the future where Insurance companies have all but disappeared as they were proven to be money grabbing con-men. The Phoenix Insurance Bureau is overseen by the Colonial Union :dizzy_face:

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May not be relevant to me as I intend to operate as an uninsured, illegal alien the way half of California does.

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