Possible bug with Hydra

I just successfully completed a Hydra mission to collect 5 crates from Arlington. This took about 120 mining cycles.

As I wanted to carry on mining I went to Hydra to collect my reward and took another Arlington Hydra mission to collect a further 3 crates.

However after mining about 100 cycles of mining not one crate has dropped. Is this a bug because I took a mission in the same roid field? I seem to be stuck with an impossible hydra mission now…

I’d say it’s just bad luck. At least with 100 you can’t be sure if they drop or not - yet.

Funnily enough I just got a crate drop after about 120 cycles so it was just bad luck - very bad luck!

Just hope the next two don’t take another 240 mining cycles lol

Just the laws of random I am afraid… sometimes you will find 2 in a couple of minutes, sometimes it will take longer.