Rylan Education Systems - Small Shield Reflective Systems

Missing Skill Prerequiset.
Purchase Price: 2,500 crTraining TimeThere are 8 levels available for each skill that you learn. Training this skill from absorbtion to Max level will take:

2 d 15 h 45 m
Requires: level 8 - Should be Requires Civilian Defense Systems Level 8 i think as all the other small shield skills say that.

That particular skill is not in physical use yet. I’ve not decided how to use the Kinetic, Plasma and Reflective skills yet. It’s likely these may even change name and sub skills as we progress further into shield systems.

There was an incorrect sub skill on that shield skill but only because it was an original set up from day one.

I have corrected it for now, but the shield sub systems (IE the deeper you go into shields) past the current initial Player made ones will become more complex and lengthy.

But a good catch.