Server Lag Issues?


Has anyone else noticed major server lag the past two days? I’m just wondering if the server is currently being worked on or upgraded.

I’ve played PT for 6+ months now and this is the first time I’ve noticed prolonged server issues.

The screen often takes between 10-20 seconds to reload the past two days, versus ‘instantaneously’ as is usually the case. Sometimes the screen just locks up during re-draw and I have to close the browser and restart the game.

I have run the game on different browsers but the same issue exists, so I thought maybe some work was being done on the servers which caused what I hope is a temporary problem.


We have had no server side issues in a while now, and no updates or work on the Database that would cause any game speed issues.

I’ve been in and out of PT today and also on CE all day (same Data center) and had no issues or any reported. So I suspect its a DNS issue between your ISP and our data center in West Germany.