Server Update Sunday 3rd Jan

We are planning to upgrade the Server on the 3rd of January. This will take place some time on Sunday and will mean a short period where the various games hosted by Dream Games may be inaccessible. As we don’t have an exact time yet I cant give you a firm period.

The down time will likely be no more than 5 - 15 minutes. I will update this thread when we have more information.

This upgrade will ensure we maintain up-to-date and secure for the coming year and give us more options as we progress.


Hi there Folks, looking like we will be starting the Sever Upgrade at 3:00 PM Game Time Today. We have increased our initial time scale to around an Hour, but that’s likely to be the worst case scenario.

You can expect the game to come down at 3:00 PM and for the domain and sub domains to become unavailable shortly after that period.

Thanks for your patience at this time.


Whilst it actually took longer than expected we did eventually get a smooth upgrade of the Server. This is now complete and we appreciate your patience during this period. Whilst you wont see any difference in game play this upgrade will enable future additions to be added with more ease and options.