Ship Chassis Swap - Primer

Some of you may have already noticed on your ship loadout the option to swap a ship chassis.

First and foremost, in order to swap a chassis, you must be DOCKED at a STARBASE (not a planet).

If you have a new ship, it will appear at the bottom right of your loadout screen, and you will also be able to view it in your ship store of PSF.

This process is very simple and straighforward.

You are docked at a starbase!. To swap out a chassis, your ship must be empty. You need to strip off all systems installed. Then make sure your Cargo Bay, and Freight Bay are empty.

Then we have skills. Each chassis (with the exception of the basic marauder that you start with) will require at least one skill.

If you have a new chassis, the skills, an empty loadout, empty Cargo Bay and empty Freight Bay, then Click the green swap button, and your chassis will be changed in an instant.

If the button and image appear red (as in the image above) then one of the criteria have not been met.