Skills Interface sorting issue

… or total lack of it

with my 3rd character going to learn progressively ALL refining skills, this is starting to become an issue to me (to find any given one quickly)

The problem: in each skills category, the list is totally scrambled; there is no order, neither alphabetical nor chronological by acquisition time (which I verified with this 3rd character), neither are the learned skills in a similar order from 1 character to the next.

I would suggest what should be the simplest modification, a basic alphabetic sorting.

Just as side comment: they are currently sorted by skill level.

ok, I see that now… not very functional to me, and I just verified that there is no sort of order within skills at the same level, so my issue is still standing.

The sort order currently in place is the most logical in my opinion.

Maxed skills fall to the bottom of the list, so that all skills that have levels available are at the top.