Strange places in universe


Just started to fly around a little. I’ll write places that, I think, need tweaking. Lacks a certain service, for example.

Xantana System: Has Dumont + 3 Drydens, but no Janisar. I think there should be one Janisar instead of one Dryden.

Jellicoe planet, Odysseus system: Should have Combat Office :slight_smile:

Feel free to keep us updated with systems we may have poorly seeded, but we are still ‘early stages seeding at this point’ - Plus one thing to bare in mind when pointing at Freight Offices is the distance they can generate.

IE no point placing an office that has a fairly low distance generation is a system where it can only generate missions for two or three systems.

Just something to keep in mind.

I will take a look at Xantana in a bit, although likely its high volume of Drydens is where its located and the fact its a Hub system.

But I will review.

Frankly I’m quite happy with system store populations not being symmetrical since I enjoy the wandering around seeing new stuff.

Another funny place is Sola Station, Scalzi system. Vendors here sells Quarantine Station Exports. And People wonder, why do Gal-Fed allows official selling of counterfeit goods?

Another Funny place is Barmers, planet in Horizon System. It has Dumont Office, which generates missions to 4 systems, lol. Would be possible to change it to Janisar? Or, better*, move it to Tempest system (simply switch Janisar/Tempest with Dumont/Horizon)?