Time Stamp on Mail is wrong

Talked about this with Mr C last night, but decided i should also post it as a bug so we dont forget about it.
When getting email notifications and emails etc even if it was 5 mins ago they always say 11 hours or more

Emporium Sale Notification about 12 hours ago

even tho the sale was less then one hour ago.

Just posted this here for info and so it can be tracked

have checked all 3 of my toons and the stamps are correct. I can only assume the difference is related to the timezone.

How do the times compare to what it says GT is on the game footer ?

Sell about 12 hours ago
Sell about 12 hours ago
Sell about 12 hours ago

These 3 emails Just arrived with items in them and the time stamp says about 12 hours ago :smile:
the time displayed at the bottom of the screen is Aug16 0015

hmm, yes it will be timzone that is the issue…

I will have to have a think on that one… only the 16th August here…

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Sorry Mr P my bad typing. i had to type it instead of copy it in… It was 16th August… I messed up

thanks mr P. Resolved now.

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