Um this is not good

Unfortunately you caught the clock change during the night for this jump.

The clocks are now correct so subsequent jumps should operate as normal. If this is not the case, please let us know.

Re the Not Secure :

Most modern Browsers have all now pretty much come to an agreement to start
displaying that if you visit a site that’s not HTTPS, it means it does not have an SSL Certificate.

In a nut shell nothing has changed other than web browsers are begging to display that when they arrive at a site that does not have an SSL Certificate. It’s no more less secure than it was yesterday when your browser didn’t care.

We will have to look into purchasing an SSL certificate, but PT is still in early Beta development and piling on more costs is tricky.

Generally speaking for the last decade SSL certificates were only used on sites where you paid for things, IE input private data like bank / CC details and addresses etc. The only thing you input for PT that’s private is your password.

Google has taken it upon themselves recently to start flagging non SSL encrypted sites ans the browsers are following. It’s likely your browser recently updated and this is your first visit to PT since. Be prepared to visit a lot of sites that say not secure. For now only worry if the site is non secure but has a payment or section that gathers private data.


Thank you both. Coops, it was actually the 1+ hour travel time that I was referring to. I understand about the “Not Secure” thing. Never fails, I hit stuff just right.