Unable to initiate Chat session

I am attempting to enter chat and get the following message:
Error Connecting (Closing link: (unknown@ [No more connections allowed from your host via this connect class (local)])
I am using Google Chrome

We are still struggling to get to the bottom of this one…

If you have the option of using a dedicated chat client, (there are many free ones out there, if you need advice, please ask!) then please do. If you play CE as well you can connect to CE and PT chat at the same time with the same client.

If you are already connected to CE chat, then just use that chat instance and join the PT channel, and vice versa.

If you cannot use a dedicated client, and you still get this message, try closing the chat window, leave it for 5 minutes then click the chat link again. Occasionally that will be sufficient to get you in.

As I say, we are still trying to find a suitable resolution for this issue, and is one we are constantly looking at…

I’ve encounter this problem off and on for a couple days. I did check the IP with ip-address.org and it indicated that the ip hosted by wikiircchat out of France. I think this problem is due to communication with a host in Europe; just an opinion.

Being the lazy and inpatient guy that I am :wink: I just retry about 10sec later, which has worked for me so far.

If possible, can we get some feed back on this please. We have made a few tweaks but as is often the way we can’t replicate ourselves.

So if you DO still get this issue please post with the details for us, many thanks.