Whats Coming to Project Terran

I thought it might be interesting for players to know what we have planned for Project Terran. This list will likely get added to over the next few weeks but will give you an overview of some of the professions and additions coming up.

Player Promenade Stores : As 99.9% of the items in game will ber player made you will need a place to ‘sell those stores’. As you will see dotted around the promenades there are ‘Promenade Store Available’ sections.

These will be populated with stores you can rent. You will then be able to drop both resources and crafted items into a store room and from there place them on sale to the public.

You will be able to place resources in stacks : IE place 50,000 of a resources for sale at X CPU. Then players will be able to purchase as much or as little of that stack as they wish.

Items will likely be unique as each items carries a ‘durability’ (not being currently shown in Alpha).

There will also be a Global View available to players so they can review what’s on sale across the Galaxy and Also ‘purchase’ remotely. You will have to travel TO the location to pick the items up though.

Crafting: Generally speaking crafting will be one of the strongest mainstays of the game. Players will be able to craft all ship based items. Affecting most stats will be possible. Crafting will include ships from early on to the top of the range.

Resources from crafting will come directly from the Galactic Storage Facility. So any builds will feed from this location (which is global). It is likely we will add ‘Manufacturing Facilities’ to the promenades and crafting will be done from there and take place in Real time. IE anywhere from Five minutes to Five days for a cook cycle depending on the item.

There will be a whole slew of skills added once this is added and will allow players to specialise in crafting various areas of the game.

Combat: No space game would be complete without combat. We are still pondering over numerous methods, but which ever we use it is likely that you will see an area similar to that of the mining screen with you and the Pirates / Targets on that’s screen.

There will be an element of Movement, distance based weaponry rules and consequences for combat losses.

It is likely that you will be attacking multiple targets at once and also we hope to incorporate multiple player interaction. IE allowing players to join each other in PVE combat. At this time we do not foresee PVP space combat.

Refining: With 60 Resources obtainable from various in game activities (eventually) there will be a large emphasis on Refining. This will be skill based and with 60 refining skills no one will be able to ‘master them all’. Refining skills will then be used in Promenade refineries connected to GSF’s. The amount you get out from refining will be directly related to your skill in that ‘Refining Resource Skill’.

NPC Involvement: We hope to be able to create a master NPC system which will allow us to add NPC’s with relative ease. This will take time to develop and whilst high on the ‘would like to see’ it will take time to prefect.

Once done you will see NPC’s all over the Galaxy who have missions that may either be Faction Related or Profession based. Either way we hope to be able to create NPC’s who will offer content from start to end.

In Game Chat: Currently the in game chat is a popup php based system. But we have decided to link both the Core-Exiles Chat and the Project Terran. Players will arrive in a Lobby / Lounge area and then choose which room they want to be in (or both).

This we hope will alleviate issues where players may play both Games and not wish to have more than one chat client open at any one time. This we hope to get working once we move to an Open Alpha stage.