Where have the high end scanners gone? (class 8-10)

I can’t find them, neither in the crafting database, nor in Kryzo’s. None of my characters can. Are they currently being revised?

They have been remove from the game until combat has been released, they will re-appear when combat launches.

I have an issue with that: I was also looking for them as I need to mine class 8 Fentril and class 8 Bregnovite, as well as possibly class 9 Ravennyte.
Since I could not do it yet, I placed instead orders for 2 of the resulting refined ores I need.
Those can also be obtained from lower raw ores, but at reduced yields (from your own Ressource Chart).

I now get a feeling that I wont get those minerals due to this, while they are required to craft the 3 Polestars I have been preparing towards for a few months.

For that I apologise, but the scanners were removed as otherwise anyone could go into very low law level systems without any risk and stockpile high end resources.

We have been delayed with combat as we had some architectural changes to make to ensure that combat is as well rounded and balanced upon launch. We are now working on combat again, so when that is released we shall activate those scanners again.

We are not a million miles away, so bear with us for a little longer.

bump :slight_smile:
Hope you release them back soon :slight_smile:
btw, what skills are required to run best one (lvl 10)?