Who is on this planet with me?

Is there value in having a search by current location function in the pirate search, i.e. when on Starbase 51 you only see who else is with you but not everyone active? As the game evolves it will become more of a challenge to find who else is in the same place as you without this feature.

that filter is in place when you search for others. I tested that out from New Orion the other day and didn’t see people still on SB-51.

Do you want it on the Hall of Fame?

It would be nice if it showed up in a separate button “Pirates on this planet” rather than having to enter a search with ranges. The search with ranges also gives a list in no particular order useful for planning - levels and amounts of cash on hand come to mind.

I was thinking it is not much fun looking for someone to mug/attack etc. all you do is go to the hall of fame and pick your victim. (although its true, they are usually on a different planet!)
Then I started thinking wouldnt it be nice to wander round the star base or planet looking for people to hit and stuff to do. (edit) Is a list of locations already so to do a task would need you to go to the location first. if you wanted to mug someone you would then have to go to a location and see whos there. Would make it more ‘real’ but I am sure its another layer of complexity to do

Nice idea… though as pablem has pointed out, if you select YES for attackable, that will only show players on the same planet as you already.

You now have a new page, the “Docking List”
There are no filters on this page, but it does show information valuable if looking for a “target”. The list is sorted by level.

Let me know if you have suggestions for tweaks to the page.