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Hi all, this is a first for me. I have been playing for yrs in clones of ogame or 2moons. I love the fact the players are keen to help out and reading the foums also love that the game is constantly being improved. Safe flying
In Your Dreams…


Hello i am new to the game but its very good thank you.I am Sara from the uk.


Hi all, I found the game through a google search. Some other space mmo games I have played are Mankind and Eve online.



Well I’ll just say I prefer to go by KizuOrama, not going to use my real name here ever. I found Project Terran though my brother’s who play Core Exile.



Found the game after a bit of “Search Engining™” (Binging? Googling? Yahooing? Dogpiling? Altavisting?)

Can use only a browser (working on a ship at sea atm) and after feeling a need for some Eve Online or similar player-based-economy games, found this one and will give it a go.

Stay safe, space pilots! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi all,

I like to spend some of my free time playing Sci-Fi games and I found this game through the web search. Project Terran attracted my attention because it is not a “frenzy game”. I hope to have good time playing it and interacting with the community.

Best regards,



Hi there!,
Perturbo here, found the game on list


Howdy folks,

found this one from an ad on Browsermmorpg (so they really DO work)
over from CE – handle there is ‘Deathsgate’ and been playing awhile in the Core
my name is an amalgam of two others I play under, online and off :grin:

thanks for the fuel,


New here
found this game thru core exiles


Rinvor here. Long time player of CE and looking forward to playing Project Terran.


I am a fan of, Hyperiums and High Descent. I found PT through one of the MMORPG voting sites.


On PT I find the mining a bit slow and tedious. Would rather put the mining on autopilot and come back later. Likewise with the combat.


Autopilot would not work for either combat or mining, certainly not in the lower law level areas, as you would likely return to find your ship destroyed.

The initial systems are mostly safe, the lower you get in law level the more dangerous it gets, to the point where you will require help from other players.


Hello, Captain Geistware here from CE. Find this from an errant message on the CE Discord Channel. Really like the game and will be playing here for a while!


Hello all. I found PT through a link on the CE website. I like this style of game because while there is competition, there isn’t the intense competition of PvP games, which tends to keep toxic communities from forming. I have only been playing a few days, but I am glad to see there is a helpful and active community.

I have done some alpha and beta testing over the years, so I look forward to contributing to the game.


Bonjour ladies and gentlemen!

Hello! I'm a new player

Hello all Play lots of games over the years. Read about this so going to give a run and see what it leads to


I’m Budi …newbie in this game
I already play this game for almost a month and I like it so much
Found this game by making vote from


Hi everyone

I am a long time CE player (moonblade).
It is a fresh challenge to start PT and also quite humbling. My cargo space went from 2500 in CE to 30 in PT. Ouch !


Welcome Hansolo! See you on the chat in case of questions.