Couple of small tweaks & Updates

Following suggestions and requests from players, I have today made the following tweaks:

Faction Database
The faction database has been adjusted to show you a physical number now rather than a percentage. No longer will you see the default 1%, but the bar will start showing faction the moment you gain any. The bar may appear empty, but mouse over it for the stats:

I have also adjusted the “progress” bars, as there are a number of titles within the faction, and these bars will now run from 0% to 100% for each title, then once you reach the threshold for the new title, the bar will reset (though the numbers will continue to accrue)

Cancel Hydra Missions
From time to time, players have managed to pick up missions with hydra that they realise are not practical for them to complete. These players are now able to cancel those missions and pick up another. Bear in mind, that cancelling a mission should be a last resort. You will be charged a fee (50% of the reward offered for the mission) and also take a small faction loss. Any crates that you may have collected while the mission was active will also be removed from your ship hold.

To cancel a mission, simply visit any Hydra office, and you will see a red banner at the top of the mission list:

We do not anticipate this being needed often, but saw the pain some suffered when they accidentally took a mission in the far end of the galaxy.

I have heard some asking, Combat is getting closer to alpha testing. There have been a number of delays caused by various issues, and we have also been dealing with “RL” at the same time, but please bear with us, and be patient, we are not that far away from giving you something to test!


Awesome updates. I’m quite excited about combat as well so bring that alpha on!! RL does have a habit of jumping up and biting you in the nether regions sometimes doesn’t it?

Thanks for the update Prev… and the super quick response to my suggestion. :smile: